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The 8 Best Carpet Cleaner For Pets in 2019

Having a pet can sometimes be a messy business. Although we love our furry friends, there’s no getting around the fact that many a times accidents happen—and they often have a way of happening in the middle of your favorite carpet.​

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There are limitless array of products out there for cleaning up even the toughest messes. If dogs and cats are man’s best friend, these spray solutions, stain removers and powerful deodorizers are your carpet’s best friend. But choosing the right one for your space can be a tricky matter which is why we’ve rounded up the best carpet cleaners that pet owners can buy

Best for Machine: Hoover PetPlus Pet Stain & Odor Remover Solution Formula

If you are Looking for a detergent for your push cleaner that checks all the boxes then Hoover’s PetPlus is the ticket. This enzyme-enhanced solution not only removes stains but also deodorizes stains on carpets, rugs, and upholstery and is intended to be used in a carpet cleaner machine. For best results, vacuum the area first, pre-treat the stains and add 3 oz of detergent for every gallon of warm water you put in your machine. Since it’s a concentrated formula, it will go farther than some other products.

Customers  even say this formula works incredibly well even on set-in stains, and is effective against messes of all types. It’s also compatible with most machines and not just Hoover-made ones.

Best for Urine: Nature’s Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Eliminator

Urine removers need to do two things very well. First, they need to effectively clean up the mess at hand. Second, they need to discourage your pet from re-soiling the area. Nature’s Miracle is definitely the gold standard of urine removal, and it’s no secret why. It has bacteria-based formula that uses enzymes that set to work upon contact with “bio-based messes”—in other words, urine, vomit or diarrhea. And since it also removes the odor of the mess, your pets will be less likely to make the same mistake twice.

Owners also call Nature’s Miracle a lifesaver, particularly during potty training. While some customers dislike the smell  it’s really one of those must-have tools for any pet owner.

Best for Stains: Resolve Pet Stain Remover Carpet Cleaner

There’s nothing more discomforting than an ugly stain on your favorite carpet. But don’t start ripping up your floors just yet instead just buy a reliable stain remover. This one from Resolve is our pick, it removes even set-in pet stains.  It also Features patented Odor Stop technology ,that will discourage your pet from re-soiling by breaking down the odor that goes along with the stain. It’s also great for other common messes, like wine or food stains. Just make sure that you test a hidden section of your carpet first for colorfastness.

customers say that Resolve does exactly what it claims, and does it well. Just  Combine it with a good steam cleaning, one reviewer says, and your carpet will look nearly new.

Best for Odor: Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Carpet Shampoo

If you have got a mess that’s seriously odorific then go for a carpet shampoo, like this one from Nature’s Miracle. It penetrates the fibers of your carpet to break down stains both old and new, while it crucially kills odors with a bio-enzymatic “odor-locking” formula. Nature’s Miracle shampoo is designed to be used with any water-based carpet cleaning machine, and  works with steam cleaners too.

Customers say has successfully saved their carpets from ruin, although you may need to give it some time to work. The enzymes in the formula “eat” the sources of your odor problem, which means they continue breaking it down after the initial application.

Best Spray: Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Spray

If you are looking for a powerful carpet cleaner in a small, convenience package then Go for a spray-based formula like Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Spray, which is strong enough to clean up the toughest messes but still small enough to keep under the sink. This spray features enzymes that activate on contact with stains and odors thus eradicating the odors left behind by feces, urine, or vomit. Just spray it on, let it sit for 5-10 minutes and blot dry.

Customers say Rocco & Roxie is “liquid gold,” and does a great job of erasing stains, even old and set-in ones. A few also say that it actually outperforms some of the more expensive products on the market

Best for Cats: Thornell Cat-Odor-Off Concentrate

We know that not all pet messes are created equal. As it dries and decays, cat urine develops an ammonia-like odor that can be a real killer, making it all the more important that you stop your cat from a repeat performance. Normal detergents and sprays won’t do the trick, which is why you actually need a heavy-duty deodorizer like Thornell Cat Odor-Off. Just pour it onto the soiled area of your carpet, making sure you use enough volume to let the concentrate soak in. Let it dry, and repeat  the applications until the smell is gone.

Customers say Thornell also works to get rid of even set-in urine odors, often with only one or two applications. Some call it a must for owners of multiple cats while the verdict is somewhat mixed about the smell of the solution itself, it will dissipate after several weeks.

Best for Stairs: Carbona 2 in 1 Oxy-powered Pet Stain Remover

If you have carpeted stairs, you’ll definitely want a special tool to clean up accidents and help you scrub both horizontal and vertical slats. Carbona’s 2-in-1 stain remover combines powerful cleaning with ease of use, with a foaming solution that removes stains and breaks down odors and attached brush to let you work the cleaner into every fiber and crevice. Although it’s well suited for stairs, it’s also great for any carpet or area rug, and many fabrics as well.

Customers call the Carbona 2-in-1 a great product, and that it’s more than worth the price. The scrubber ensures  that the cleansing foam penetrates the stain, minimizing the need for repeat applications.

Best Natural: Puracy Natural Carpet Detergent

Puracy sells a  natural carpet cleaner that’s made with plant-based detergents and deodorizers, which makes it a safe, effective alternative to standard treatments. While the formula is free of harsh chemicals, it does a good job of lifting stains whether it’s used by hand or in a machine cleaner and even incorporates coconut fatty acids to reduce foaming and maximize cleaning

Customers say that Puracy Natural Carpet Detergent reliably cleans up pet messes with minimal effort and no danger of encountering toxic ingredients. It has a light, clean scent, and they say that it’s safe to use even on carpets and rugs where discoloration could be a concern.

So, these were some options that you can consider while making your purchase.

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