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The 6 Best Cat Litter Boxes You Can Buy in 2018

A right litter box makes a ton of difference. It makes life easier for both you and your feline friend. What litter box you should purchase depends on your preferences, the size of your cat, their litter habits, and the aesthetics. With so many factors coming into play, finding the right litter box becomes a bit of a challenge. Some cats are fond of kicking their litter and making a mess. I don’t need to explain that there’s nothing worse than cleaning a pile of litter laying outside the box. This is why you need a box fit for your unique cat.

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I understand how difficult it is to find a perfect litter box. So, I reviewed more than a dozen litter boxes to find the most durable, best and highest quality litter boxes. Judging them based on their Amazon ratings, prices, design, and functionality, I narrowed down to top 6 best litter boxes for cats.

The Best Litter for Your Kitty : Pretty Litter

best cat litter boxes

Cats are excellent in hiding signs of illness. Pretty litter helps you to take the guess work and make the best decision by alerting you of any health concerns. Pretty litter changes color after use and helps you know if your feline needs vet attention. Since you’re purchasing litter boxes, this can be great litter to put inside. They ship it to your house, every month, with no cost delivery.

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Best Design : Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

If you don’t want to compromise with your decor to replace it with an unpleasant looking litter box, the excellent pet stuff box is the right fit for you. It looks like a pure clay pot with a plant but has a good space hidden in disguise. The box costs around $100, but it is worth the cost considering that you’re getting a piece that resembles a terra cotta planter.

The moss and plants are the situations between the bottom and the top part of the box, ensuring that no plants are inside to disturb your kitty. It is designed for multi-cat or large cat households as it’s made of durable polypropylene and is 20’ wide. Once your cat is done, you can turn the base in a way that entry faces the wall. Your cats will be able to use it without anyone knowing.

The box is filtered, which works in your favor considering that litter is quite dusty. The filtration system ensures unpleasant odors and dust don’t find their way in the box. The design is simple, and the box does an excellent job of keeping the litter where it is supposed to be – inside the pan.

To finish things, you get a one year warranty with your purchase.

Cat Litter Box Key Features:

  • Spacious interior
  • Functions as both home decor and litter box.
  • Hides your cat’s litter box in plain sight
  • Keeps dust and odors away

Best Automated: ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you’re looking for an automated litter box that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, ScoopFree’s self-cleaning box can be your best shot. Instead of cleaning waste every day, the box does this work for you. Your task is only to remove and replace disposable trays every few weeks.

Load your disposable litter tray with crystal litter and plug it in. The built-in sensors detect when your cat is using the box and begins to rake waste after 20 minutes. During this process, the crystals absorb odors, moisture and dehydrate solid waste. Once this is done, automatic rake sweeps the litter, transferring it to covered trap and is locked away. Crystal litter is 5 times more effective in eliminating odors than clumping litter or clay, so, you can take care of it after every few weeks.

The health counter also tracks the cat’s health by tracking how many times she uses the box.

Best Self-Flushing: Cat Genie Self-Washing, Self-Flushing Cat Box

This box comes with a hefty price tag, but you won’t have to touch or change litter again. All you need to do is connect the CatGenie to the cold water line in your laundry room, or bathroom and program it. Here is how the whole thing works. When the cleaning cycle is in the process, catgenie removes, and liquefies solid waste, and transfers it to the utility sink drain or toilet.

However, it is up to you to decide where to hook it up for disposal. Then, the box uses a veterinarian-approved cleaning solution, and clean water to scrub, wash and dry reusable little granules. Not only it disposes of waste for you but also recycles the litter to reduce waste and save tons of cash.

The manufacturer has mentioned that it is made for a house with one or two cats, but no more than 3 average sized cats. This might not work for super trained or old cats. Some users report that their trained or old cat won’t change and adapt to using cat genie.

Best Budget Pick: IRIS Cat Litter Box with Scoop

If you’re running on a budget and need a box under your budget which is a function, and less expensive, don’t go further down the list, the IRIS cat litter box is your go-to box and perfect for no-frills litter box which is both affordable and spacious. It’s large, measuring at 19’ by 15’ and the majority of cats have no problem using it. Unlike hooded litter boxes, your feline friend can effortlessly climb into this box and do their business.

It’s an excellent choice for those who don’t mind an open top. The height of pan is itself quite high enough and can prevent litter to get on the floor. It also has an added safety measure – removable litter guard to ensure everything stays in the pan. The litter guard also blocks the sides and back while leaving the front open so your cat can access it easily. When it comes to clean your box, you can use the included litter scoop to sift through the litter. The interior is straightforward to clean, and once you’re done, you can clip to hang the scoop inside.

The pan carries a unique, recessed bottom which allows you to slide it into almost any space in your home. It also has strong feet to keep the box in place. The box also has molded rims to keep litter guard secured onto the pan.

IRIS Cat Litter Box with Scoop Key Features:

  • Removable litter guard ensure that litter is kept in the pan
  • The interior is easy to clean
  • A matching scoop is included with purchase
  • Durable feet and molded rims keep the litter box in place.

Best Enclosed Cat Litter Box: Nature’s Miracle Oval Hooded Flip Top Litter Box

For owners that prefer style and are very picky, an enclosed litter box is very crucial. Nature’s Miracle litter box is an excellent choice which is made of advanced plastic technology which gives it the capability to fight off odors. The material is odor blocking which ensures to fight odor caused by bacteria and keeps the plastic fresh for years to come.
The material is top notch in addition to built-in charcoal filter to keep odors away. Every charcoal filters work for up to three-four months before it needs to be replaced. Most reviews also mentioned that it is a worthy feature as it is beneficial in removing urine odor.

Compared to other large litter boxes, this is quite inexpensive. The box measures 19’ by 25’ which makes it comfortable for large cats to do their business without feeling cramped. The pan is 8.5’ deep and is perfect for filling a significant amount of litter which allows multiple cats to use it without any issues.

The hood is extremely easy to remove and put on, all thanks to snap latches. When it comes to cleaning the litter, the flip tops make it extremely easy. The opening is quite large which is spacious for large cats to enter. Anyone who’s looking for litter box which can keep litter inside the box, and ensure privacy while keeping unwanted spray from its way to the floor, this box is for you.

Nature’s Miracle Litter Box Key Features:

  • Litter is kept inside the pan
  • Advanced and effective odor control
  • Interior is spacious and enough for big cats
  • Large flip top

Best Self-Cleaning Litter Box: Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Hate to clean your cat’s litter box? This box ensures that you don’t have to clean it again. The box is suitable for large cats or multi-cat households. The box is so elegant that it can handle two cats at once without any issues. One of the reasons it is unique is the shape, It is round and rolls onto its head. This is how it cleans itself.

Inside the box, you get a grill that catches clumped waste once you turn the box on its head. When the box is returned to a natural position, litter is separated into its pull out tray. You need to empty the tray into the trash then merely, and you’re done. IT’s very handy for people who don’t want to do scooping themselves. Depending on where you’re planning to keep it, the box requires enough space to roll.

The box is a perfect fit for people who need to be enclosed and a self-cleaning box. The bottle halves and top are held together by sturdy plastic clips which prevent litter from leaking out of the side. Halves can be easily separated when you need them too. The door opening is quite extensive as well which gives ample space for cats to get in.

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box Key Features:

  • Hooded box
  • Just roll it on to its head to empty tray
  • Large enough for big cats and multi-cat households
  • Cleaning is easy

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of litter box should I get?

The first question you need to ask is how big of a litter box you’d require. A large box is always a better option. Small cats and kittens do quite beautiful with the medium sized box as well. The rectangular plastic box is the standard boxes for cats, and for a good reason – cats love them. Although, if you have an old cat, you might want to go with a litter box with low sides. This allows easy entry and exit.

Majority of the cats do fine with hooded litter boxes. Although they are more for humans in-house. If your cat isn’t bothered, you can get an enclosed box as well. If you get an enclosed box, make sure it has enough room for the cat to move around.

What room should I place the litter box in?

Most felines aren’t picky about where their boxes are kept. Although, they do like privacy. Keep it in an area where your cat feels comfortable and has low foot traffic. Some examples of such places include a basement, laundry room. Even if you’re in an apartment or condo, it will do just as beautiful.

I have multiple cats. How many litter boxes do I need?

Vets recommend a straightforward rule. For every cat, add a litter box. By this rule, there will always be a free litter box available for use and ensures that your cats don’t fight over them. You need to place large, multi-cat litter box at each end of your home to offer your cats best chance of creating good litter habits.

Also, the more cats you have, the more you’d have to clean your boxes.

Why won’t my cat use his litter box?

This question can’t be answered with a single or straightforward answer. It is best that you visit a vet and talk about your cat. If your pet isn’t making it to the litter box, it might be a sign of medical problems, or they might not like the box. You can try changing the position of the litter box, cleaning it frequently, or using a different kind of letter. If you try all of these, and nothing seems to work, contact your vet. The top reason for cats not using is dirty litter boxes.

The Best Litter for Your Kitty : Pretty Litter

best cat litter boxes

Cats are excellent in hiding signs of illness. Pretty litter helps you to take the guess work and make the best decision by alerting you of any health concerns. Pretty litter changes color after use and helps you know if your feline needs vet attention. Since you’re purchasing litter boxes, this can be great litter to put inside. They ship it to your house, every month, with no cost delivery.

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Conclusion: Finding a good litter box isn’t supposed to rocket science, but you sure have to experiment with litter, placement and a few more things before you land upon a litter box that your pet loves.

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