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The Best Cat Litter to Buy in 2018 : Cat Litter Reviews

Despite being a very low maintenance pet, cats are very picky about certain things when it comes to hygiene. They clean and groom themselves almost all the day every day. They’re quite picky about their litter (just like we are about our toilets), thereby, it’s important to ensure they get the best cat litter. A good litter box will ensure she feels safe and comfortable enough to use it and avoid using your rug. Equally important is what you put inside – the litter!

From healthy recycled paper to scented litter, there is a litter perfect for your cat and home.

Now, I know finding litter is a confusing task, thereby, I have divided them into multiple categories to ensure you get what is perfect for your feline friend. Each cat is different; some love scented cat litters, while some don’t even stand near them. Thereby, it’s important that you purchase the one your cat would absolutely love.

Staff Pick : Pretty Litter

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Get Pretty Litter

Pretty litter is a revolutionary cat litter that does wonders. It does what all other cat litters do, and takes things next level that no other litter does.

You must be aware that cats are excellent at hiding diseases. This is because they’re wild animals and in wild, showing sign of sickness can lead to an animal being prey. That’s why parrots, cats and many more are excellent in hiding these signs.

Pretty litter changes color depending on your cat’s health. It’s scientifically proven to detect cat health patterns even before they show symptoms which can save many dollars on vet bills.

They deliver it free of cost every month, at your doorstep!

Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Ultra Cat Litter : Best Overall Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey is counted among the top-rated litters on Amazon, for a very good reason. They are dust-free, non-scented, litter which makes cleaning incredibly easy.

The formula uses heavy granules which ensures reduced tracking when your kitty leaves the box. It is hypoallergenic, which means your finicky cats will not have any problem when using it.

They’ve designed it to reduce liquids from reaching the bottom of the tray. This means you won’t have to spend any time in scraping up litter. It is perfume and scent free and is formulated to carefully trap odors inside and reduce odors.

People who have cats in their apartments will also love using Dr. Elsey’s because it is among only a few litters that eliminate odors regardless of small spaces as well.  You can also use it conveniently for multiple cats. Although, I recommend that you should clean more frequently than what is mentioned by the company.

It’s available in 18 pounds or 40 pounds which can be a problem if you pour it straight from the plastic bag. I recommend using a cat litter box.

Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter : Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats

You’ll certainly relate to the struggle of cleaning litter box if you own more than one cat. In my list where I talked about the best cat litter boxes, I mentioned that you should get one litter box for each cat and one extra. Despite this, a lot of times, all the cats end up using one litter box itself.

When it comes to reducing odors and room smell, I love how effective is Arm & Hammer’s Clump & Seal Multi-Cat Litter. The company offers 7-day odor-free guarantee. It is tailored to form hard clumps that don’t fall apart during the cleaning process. The company uses their own soda in order to reduce the smell, plus, it is totally dust free.

Although, a lot of people point out that it carries a very strong “clean” smell of its own, which doesn’t seem to please many people.

Purina Tidy Cats LightWeight Clumping Cat Litter : Best Lightweight Cat Litter

You wonder how people lift weights so easily when you lift a 40-pound litter box. It’s exhausting, and sometimes very smelly. That’s why I love Purina tidy lightweight litter. This litter is extremely easy to carry around. It’s made from clay and is 50% lighter than other litters. It is available in 4 different sizes, the heaviest of which,17 pounds is equal of 35 pounds of non-lightweight litter.

They also offer three variant formulas – 4-in-1 strength, instant action, and glade scented. Now, talking about glade scented, although they say it’s scented, the smell isn’t overpowering. It works great for homes where you have to keep the litter box in the living room. It’s 99% dust free and the manufacturer promises that it reduces ammonia smell from your cat’s urine for up to two weeks.

People who used this mention that it is easy to carry it around, but some smaller sized granule get carried away around the house on occasion. I recommend that you get a cat litter mat if you’re buying this one.

World’s Best Cat Litter Extra Strength Lavender : Best Scented Cat Litter

On one hand, some people absolutely hate the smell of scented litter, some seem to like it. If you’re one of these, this might be a product you’ll like (I don’t recommend it though).

World’s Best cat litter offers a fresh lavender smell that you’d love coming home to. It’s also dust free like many other cat litters. But, due to small size, expect it to be carried around home on occasion. The lavender scent is welcoming and floral. It’s good if you return home after prolonged hours.

They offer it three variants, 28 pounds, 14 pounds, and 7 pounds. A lot of people mention that it’s lightweight. If you need a scented litter which isn’t very heavy, the not so named to flex worlds best is a great option to consider.

Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter : Best Paper-Based Cat Litter

No doubt there are tons of benefits of using clay litters, a non-clay litter can be easily changed and cleaned. If you want a more natural product, this can be a great option. The company makes these from 100% recycled paper which is highly absorbent and gentle on your kitty while being safe for the environment at the same time.

It’s said to be 3x more absorbent than usual clay litters. Since it doesn’t clump, you don’t need to worry about scraping the bottom of the litter box in order to clean or change it as well.

The pellets of biodegradable paper are great for kitties with respiratory issues as they’ll not irritate any cats like clay litters. This litter is offered in 30 and 13-pound bag. They also have a softer texture formula which they mention is little gentler on soft kitty paws.

A lot of people love this litter for their sick and elderly cats. It is recommended by vets for cats that have skin allergies as well. If you want an earth-friendly cat litter for your sensitive feline, this can be a great choice.

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Senior Cat Litter : Best Silica Gel Based Cat Litter

ALmost all of the most popular cat litters are made from clay. But, silica gel is quickly rising to be frequently used among cat owners because of its ability to absorb large amounts of liquid and reduce the number of bacteria and mold.

it is made from amorphous silica gel which makes it safe in case it’s ingested or inhaled. It comes to an 8-pound box and rather than clumping up liquid, it actually dehydrates which eliminate the need of taking care of urine.

The company also provides an excellent odor control and added an herbal attachment which attracts the cat to use it. A lot of vets recommend this product to cats that are prone to kidney infections and UTI because litter clump collection can attract bacteria which causes a lot of issues later on.

Users say that it works great for their sick and elderly cats, but their young cats also love. The gel absorbs liquid so quickly, that even the pickiest clean cats would love it.

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter : Best Natural Cat Litter

Second natural litter that I am mentioning in this list. It’s a great choice for people whose cats won’t like recycled paper. It is made from walnut shells, which means that it is safe for your cat if she ingests it. It is completely biodegradable and tailored to absorb three times as much as average clay litters.

Just like clay litters, it clumps in order to provide easy cleanup for solid and liquid waste.

People who have used the litter mentioned that it attracts a little bit more dust than others which can be ignored since it is safe and healthy. People also love that their most picky cats also use this without any problem. If you need a natural earth-friendly, odor-reducing litter, this is one of the best cat litter that you can buy.

Feline Pine Original Litter : Natural Cat Litter

Last, but certainly not the least. What makes this litter stand out is that it doesn’t use any silica dust or dangerous chemicals, which is a great advantage when it comes to cat litter.

Apart from this, it is formulated to eliminate strong odors on contact and instead of leaving a fresh smell behind. It also has a natural absorbent that allows it to deal with urine even before it starts giving any odors.

Conclusion :

There are many things that you need to keep in head when you’re purchasing cat litter. This includes how they deal with odors, whether they’re affordable, whether your cat will like them and much more.

It’s all about experimenting to land on the perfect litter. This process might cause litter discomfort to your cat in the start, but once you fix one litter, your cat will adore it.

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