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The 8 Best Cat Trees to Buy in 2019

Being a passionate cat owner, I always find myself trying to find new things that’ll further strengthen my bond with the cat making her life better. One of the items on my todo list has been finding the best cat trees to keep my feline friends entertained. Although, despite how easy it sounds, picking the right condo, or tower isn’t as easy.

Cats are natural predators, and often very territorial. This is why it’s quite beneficial to have a cat tree for large cats. Not only do they get a place to perch, and stretch out, but they also become their small miniature gym inside them home – a way for them to exercise every day. As cats grow, exercise becomes vital as they’re more likely to gain weight or attract health problems.

When they have a tower of their own, they can easily hide, scratch or roam on their will. But, the most important thing is that they can feel their natural instincts, which is a very good thing for your cat’s emotional wellness.

Staff Pick: Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture

If you’re looking for a high-quality cat tree which is worth the money, gets a ton of love from the community, this is the product that you’re looking for. The tree has a bunch of tiers where your felines can lounge and play. It also has some scratching areas for your cats to be comfortable.

The tree is constructed out of compressed wood which makes it sturdy, and it’s covered in a faux fur which makes it nice and comfortable as well. The Go Get Pet Club Cat Tree is 38” x 27” x 62”. It has 3 tiers where your cats can climb, along with a hanging rope, ladder, hammock and much more. A bunch of posts is wrapped with sisal rope in order to promote the cat to claw.

It comes with necessary tools and step by step instruction manual on how to assemble it.

Inshort : The majority of users tend to recommend this tree. With over 2k 5 star ratings, people say that it’s good for both small and large cats. Also, you get it at a very reasonable price.

Best Budget: TRIXIE Pet Product Baza Cat Tree

A common reason people avoid buying a cat tree is that of the price. They’re pretty darn expensive, costing $100 or more for good models. But, thanks to companies like TRIXIE, you can get a cat tree for a fair price. This product that ranks among the top products is pretty affordable. It’s simple and certainly would be loved by your cats.

The tree measures 16” x 20” x 16” and as I explained, is designed in a very simple manner. It has two supports which hold a comfy hammock. This hammock is covered in soft plush fabric which your cats would love curling in. The tree has also got a metal rim for added support. The poles that I mentioned are also wrapped. They’re wrapped with sisal rope which promotes clawing and to finish it off, it has a pom which hangs and your cats will absolutely love batting around it.

The assembling is pretty simple and most people are able to put it together in a few minutes.

InShort : Users love the tree and report that it’s sturdy and durable. People also mention that their cats love to curl up in the hammock. A lot of people even told that while their cats didn’t use other trees that they purchased in past, they loved to use this one.

Best High End: Vesper Cat Furniture V-High Base

If you are okay spending a few more bucks on a high-quality cat tree which is more attractive and rated high, this one is a good option to consider. This tree is priced above the $100 mark but is well worth the money. It’s made of wood and is cushioned with foam to keep your pets feeling comfy all the time. The Tree measures 22” x 22” x 48”.

The fiberboard it’s made from is from New Zeland and comes with a chic finish unlike a lot of other cat trees. The product has got 3 tiers with round corners, one of which includes a small cubby where your kitty can hide away. Their supports are wrapped with rope for cats to scratch. To top it off, it comes to a cute dangling ball for your cats.

The memory foam cushion in the tree can be removed providing the ultimate comfort for your furry friends.

InShort: People write that tree is sturdy, well made and extremely easy to put together. A lot of people mentioned that it’s quite spacious for even larger cats. Most people also mentioned that they love the fact that the tree isn’t covered with ugly carpet material.

Best Design: MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Furniture

A common complaint about cat trees is them being unattractive. A lot of them are covered in old boring beige fabric, which can be a bummer in the impeccably decorated home. Although, you don’t have to compromise with the aesthetic of your house to keep your feline friends entertained if you purchase the midwest feline Nuvo cat furniture.

MidWest Nuvo Cat Tree measures 18” x 22” x 31″ and includes an awesome lookout lounge, sisal scratching pad, dangling a toy, perch, all of this, on a sturdy base. Tree interior is covered with a cozy, plush fabric that makes your cat feel comfy and cozy, apart from this, the rest of the tree is finished in a superb looking floral pattern fabric that goes well in any room or aesthetic. All necessary tools that are required for assembly are included in the package.

InShort : A very common comment that the tree gets is it being a lot more attractive than the common beige options. Users appreciate how the product is so well made and their cats enjoy climbing, hanging and playing in the tree.

Best for Multiple Cats: SONGMICS Large Cat Tree Condo Multi-level Cat Tower

If you own more than one kitty, you definitely need a spacious cat tree like this one. The multi-level tower is good for homes that have multiple felines as it gives all the of them ample room to romp, climb, play and explore.

This product actually counts among bigger cat trees that you’ll come across as it measures 35” x 23” x 61”, made out of CARB certified boards, it is covered with a soft plush material that cats love. You get several platforms that your cats can perch, along with a cozy bed, lounging tunnel and cubby hole. Supports on this tree are also wrapped up with sisal in order to promote scratching and to top it off, you get additional scratching pad on top.

Inshort: Users mention that the SONGMICS large cat tree is quite simple to put together meanwhile being spacious enough for large cats to sit and play with comfort. A lot of people also say that even their dog also enjoys the tree and playing on it. Despite the size, people report that tree is quite lightweight and cats love playing on it.

Handpicked Cat Trees for Large Cats

MidWest Feline Nuvo Cat Tree

Extremely durable and layered with soft faux fabric that makes your feline partners feel cozy and at home.

It features 5 thick and sturdy scratching posts that are wrapped in sisal rope providing your cats with an ideal environment for playing around and scratching. Your cat would love climbing on the tree thanks to the vertical pole which stretches from bottom to the top.

One feature that stands out is the hanging toy which drives cat bonkers. Once they get tired, they can play hide and seek on stylish pods and high perch sleeping. The construction is really soft and doesn’t get shocked when you find your cat sleeping on the top perch since it’s cooler. The bedrooms are pretty ideal for finding warm and comfort in winter.

Apart from everything it comes with a one-year warranty which leaves you with a peace of mind that you’re backed up in case of your cats managing to break the tree. The assembly is an easy and quick process as well.

Armarkat Cat Tree & Condo

Over the years, Armarkat has produced some really high quality cat condo that can easily compete with some of the best manufactorers around the globe. It’s extremely value for money deal and can hold up to 40lbs of weight in a go. You only require 30 minutes to setup this great condo, while you get allen screwdriver and wrench in the pack to put everything together.

When it comes to defining the looks, the picture won’t do as much justic as you’ll know when you get it in real life. The fur in the tree is lightweight, clean and provides quality air to the product which you can’t find on a cheaper tree and condos.

It’s quite tall, and due to that, despite its sturdy base, it is a good idea to place this in any corner of room or away from glass furniture ( or maybe any furniture ). When a large cat comes running they exert a great amount of force, and it might knock it over.

Trixie Cat Tree Play House

This simply had to be in the list. No list of best cat trees can be complete without this beast tree. It is 5 feet tall, and has over 10 scratching posts, 2 platforms, 2 condos, and play tunnel. Although, be cautious that it’s a bit expensive when you compare to other options on this list.

Although, if you go for value for money, it’s a great option.The bed and posts in this tree and of very good quality and made of high quality fur which make it a great luxury for your cat.


Due to the tons of options in the market, it becomes very difficult to pick which one would be the best cat tree for your kitty ?

Although, in this article, I’ve tried to make the cat tree shopping as simple as it can be. I broke them down in different categories and also talked about how users who’ve had them felt about them.

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