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How to Treat Ringworm in Cat ?

On the off chance that you suspect ringworm in your feline or kitten, at that point your feline has one of the most common fungal skin issues known to pets. Named for its characteristic circular pattern of hair loss, the hair at the edge of the feline ringworm might be fairly tufted or raised up.

The hair loss results in bare spots that might be smooth; although it’s not unordinary to see a reddish ring around these spots. Some of the time, however, these regions are dried up and look likec wounds, so one depiction does not fit all. For ringworm on felines, the main sites for these injuries are the skin on the face, ears, chest, forelegs and along the edge of the back.

As an intense enemy of contagious treatment, Banixx can make treating ringworm in felines direct. Felines make ringworm symptoms simple to identify, but it’s always good to get a definitive diagnosis from your veterinarian.

Treating Ringworms : What You Need to Know

In spite of its name, ringworm has nothing at all to do with worms, but instead with an insidious fungus that hides in dark, moist areas under saddle pads, cinches, or feline/dog collars. Feline ringworm fungi feed on the common skin keratin that is found in the outer layers of the skin, hair, and nails. Ringworm in felines and some other pet for that matter is extremely  infectious. It tends to be effectively transmitted from animal to animal or even animal to human through contaminated grooming supplies, tack, or even skin-to-skin contact. Because of its infectious nature, treatment of your pet’s entire condition is crucially vital to success.

  • Gently put Banixx on the affected area of your kitten or cat’s ringworm using disposable gloves. A cotton ball soaked (but not dripping) in Banixx is generally a good approach. This may be done two to three times daily for two to four days or, more if needed.
  • Using very light pressure, pat Banixx softly into your cat’s or kitten’s ringworm area, using the cotton ball or just your fingertips being sure to wear your disposable gloves for this.
  • To prevent the spread of this infection (ringworm in cats is highly contagious) immediately dispose of the gloves.

Banixx has been used with tremendous success on ringworm treatment in felines and kittens due to its amazing anti-fungal properties. Note: since ringworm on cats, kittens is so infectious. Thereby, it’s a good idea to do some basic disinfecting procedures such as cleaning any grooming brushes/combs and bedding with a bleach and water solution. Spraying a household anti-bacterial spray such as Lysol, or similar, in and around your pet’s living quarters is another sound precautionary step.

Banixx is the benign, immediate source of relief for treating cat ringworm in cats and fungal infections in cats.

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